Until now, outsourcing your development work has been an effective method of reducing cost. We have gone one step further and now give you direct access to create your own offshore software delivery centre within our state-of-the-art shared services environment.


Recruit four resources at the cost of one and focus on building your software instead of on your administration.

With your own offshore development center in OptioLogic, all of the non-core functions such as HR, payroll, purchasing, tech support and company admin are outsourced to our shared services infrastructure.

We have a number of engagement models depending on how you prefer to operate, how much management bandwidth you already have in your organization, whether you are in product development or just supporting your applications.

Each engagement is supported by a world-class infrastructure with a high management bandwidth and process adoption layer that ensures your team will continually work at peak performance. And we strongly encourage regular client visits in both directions to build a strong professional working relationship.